Untitled 909 Podcast 091: Slumber Junkie

Slumber Junkie gives us a peek into his dream club night. 

One third of the outfit that makes up Ross From Friends’ live band, Slumber Junkie is a London-based producer who has been quietly releasing euphoric breaks and old school anthems on local labels such as Technical Glitch Records and Ratface Records. His productions fit within that classic London rave sound that transports you instantly to the bustling and electrifying nightlife the city has to offer. Slumber Junkie’s contribution to our mix series perfectly encapsulates that too, reminding us of the excitement as we await to see how the night unfolds. 

Speaking about the mix, Slumber Junkie says, “with this mix I just wanted to try and fit eeeeeverything I wanna hear on a night out into one hour. It’s largely made up of tracks that kept me going throughout the last 2 years. Even with the euphoria of everything opening up again I think there’s also been a lot of anxiety and a kind of melancholy, and that’s something I think started to come out in this mix.”

You can check out Slumber Junkie’s releases via his Soundcloud here. 

Asna – Atalaku
KG – BBM Remix
Hodge – Sense Inversion (Facta + K-Lone Remix)
Martyn Bootyspoon – Tom Tom Club
Young Fathers – Fevers Worse (1066 Remix)
Machinewoman – Camile from Ohm Makes Me Feel Loved
Marco Bernardi – Demonia (Original Mix)
Eva808 – Too Late
Ruff Skwad – Together
LUZ1E – Ridin
Slumberjunkie – Unreleased (2022 Mix)
Dubrunner – Destination Unknown
Glume + Phossa – Jitter
Angel D’Lite – Crystalz
Mirin Doja – Yr Girl (late summer)
Otik – Switchways

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