Book Club: Ophélie, DJ & Writer

Welcome to our Book Club series. Reading has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always had a curiosity into what other people were reading, often questioning my family members about the books they had on their shelves or at the pool. Over the last few years, I’ve reconnected with that joy and it has become a constant with my friends, sharing our recent favourite reads, what we’ve taken away from them and what we are excited about exploring next. Bringing those conversations to 909, our Book Club series will delve deeper into other creative’s reading history from what they enjoyed when they were growing up, their most impactful read, quotes and more. In order to extend this community of readers, there is a bonus question for those who answer where they recommend a book(s) to next person who contributes to the club.

This week we have Berlin-based DJ, writer and translator Ophélie who has worked as a booker and artist manager for the past six years. With experience in event and artist management, she’s interested in ways to support young artists outside the mainstream, in the hope to build a more equitable music scene.  She’s an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, gender self-determination, and intersectional justice, and strongly believe in the power of empathy and listening. You can find Ophélie on Refuge Worldwide with her Therapy Dog residency and she also works within Communications and Artist Management at the Open Music Lab.



Your favourite childhood book? 

The “His Dark Materials” series by Philip Pullman. It was released in France a few years after the original release in the UK and I was a big fan of Lyra.



Most impactful/influential book you’ve read? 

“Discourse on Colonialism” by Aimé Césaire



A quote that has stuck with you?

“We deserve to have our wrongdoing represented as much as our heroism, because when we refuse wrongdoing as a possibility for a group of people, we refuse their humanity.” In the Dream House, Carmen Maria Machado


Favourite writer?

It’s hard to choose one but here are a few authors I really like: Elizabeth Acevedo, Zadie Smith, Mona Chollet, Carmen Maria Machado and Ocean Vuong.


Favourite genre? 

It depends on my mood but I usually love memoirs and social fiction.



A book that you recommend everyone should read in their lifetime? 

“ACE: What Asexuality reveals about Desire, Society and the Meaning of Sex”, by Angela Chen


Your favourite setting to read in?  

Definitely in bed with lots of pillows and chocolate 🙂



Are you someone who shares books with friends? If so, which book have you shared recently? 

I love to share books with friends and get their recommendations. The last book I recommended to a friend was “Crying in H Mart”, a memoir by Korean American singer Michelle Zauner, dealing with illness, family relationships, grief, food, and music. It’s typically the kind of book I enjoy.



What are you currently reading?

I often read several books at the same time, as I like to switch according to my mood.

At the moment, I’m reading a French book called “Le Secret” by Morgane Ortin (which is truly amazing, and I hope it will be translated into other languages soon), “100 Boyfriends” by Brontez Purnell, and “You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance and Living Your Purpose” by Chani Nicholas.




A recommendation for the next Book Club contributor to read? 

Detransition Baby, by Torrey Peters