The festival launched last year with their resident for a close-knit friends-only affair. 

A collaboration between Dutch brands VBX and Paradigm, the festival takes place in Groningen on the 25th May. Spanning across three stages as well as an afterparty in a warehouse, the full lineup for the festival includes Zip, Rhadoo, Ion Ludwig and Ferro – who will play on a stage nestled in the foods – and being joined by Z@P, Sandrien, Pangaea, Neel, Lucy, Leo Pol, Mino Abadier, Mirella Kroes, Enrico Mantini and Carlos Valdes. The festival is also under a sustainable initiative. 

The team behind the event says, “expect a one-day micro-cosmos filled with high-quality yet unconventional musical programming.” 

Planet Paradigm will take place on the 25th May – buy tickets here. 

Posted by:Chanel Kadir

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