Untitled Podcast 019: Liam Hughes


Talking through the mix, Liam has said “I wanted to have a long intro of select ambient tracks to show a more alternative and emotional side to the mix. It then drops into dub/minimal techno which transitions in and out of more dancefloor style house tracks as the mix progresses. I don’t believe pre-planning sets is appropriate for me, I prefer to have a choice of around 100 records and play whatever I’m vibing with. In all my sets there are some sacrifices here and there with ‘mixed in key’ mismatches. Nonetheless, every mix feels sweeter to me this way and I can channel real energy into the style of each transition.”

Speaking about his influences: “I’ve been influenced by a wide array of music. Considering what I play now, I’d say the spacey psychedelic rock and nu-jazz tracks probably had the most influence on the elements I try to recreate, both as a producer and a DJ. At the end of the day, I can talk all I want about the technical side; but I’ve always judged a track on how it makes me feel rather than the quality of the sound engineering. To name a select few artists I really vibe with: Andrey Pushkarev, Swayzak, iO Mulen, Haventepe (and anything on Berg Audio) and Monoder.” Liam has played in the techno scene in Nottingham and London. He has a track entitled ‘Vortex (DJ Version)’ coming on a VA for Right Angle Records this month. He is currently balancing a 9-5 job as an assistant investment manager with the creation of a portfolio of tracks. He says this is for “a real push into professional music.”

You can find Liam on Soundcloud here.


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