Untitled 909 Podcast 078: Nasty King Kurl

Welcome to the Nasty kingdom.

Berlin-based producer Nasty King Kurl has been releasing music since 2017 on imprints such as Serious Trouble and 777 Recordings. His background is firmly rooted in modern hip hop and incorporates a lot of live elements into his performances. This feeds into his productions, mixing an often time hectic soundscape with pop sensibilities with a heavy dose of sampling. This can be found most evidently on his own label Nasty Enterprises where he has a humorous approach to production, never quite taking himself too seriously with solo EPs and ‘Family Affair’ compilations which have hosted records from Kuno, Christopher Pau, Karma She, Shawn Cartier, Morwell and more. More recently you can find Nasty King Kurl on Mother’s Finest’s relatively new label with the Hekate EP – out next Friday. 

‘Hekate’ by Nasty King Kurl will be released on the 6th August via Mother’s Finest – pre-order here.

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