Untitled 909 Podcast 058: Farsight

Transmitting from the Bay Area, Farsight has previously released on Scuffed Recordings, WILE OUT, [Re]sources, and more recently Maloca Records with his first vinyl release ‘Not Here, But Somewhere’ which is rooted in heavy Latin rhythms and weighty bass – a release that comes hotly tipped from us. His music is influenced by the UK’s hardcore continuum, trap, jersey club, dancehall, and reggaeton. And outside of music, Farsight draws inspiration from the San Geronimo Valley where he spends most of his time working on music, hiking, and reading about abstract art, most notably Willem De Kooning. The idea for his Maloca Records release is that there is a ‘space for each artist’ which can be taken both in a literal sense – one’s physical environment – and ‘also in the figurative sense that there is enough room for the ideas of all artists, who are kindred spirits in the endeavor of radical self-expression’. This translates through to his mixes which paint the picture of his global influence.


Find Farsight on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.


Laura Jane Friedman – Type Head
Robbie Basho – Orphan’s Lament
Pilo – Endorphins
Olivier Giacomotto – Dusk
Akito – Double Gin and Mood Swings
Velaluna – U CAN’T KILL ME
WANTS – Solski
Helix – Jack the House Medley
Farsight – Tied Hands
Farsight x TenTwentySeven – Thebes
Akito – Catching Feels (Noire Rubbed Up the Wrong Way Re-Rub)
Aardvarck – Cult Copy (2000 And One Mix)
Sha Sha Kimbo – Get a Life (Fuck Off)
Margaret Dygas – Even 11
Pangaea – Inna Daze
Cari Lekebusch – Spinnhead
DJ Dick – Paraguys (Paramix)
Sha Sha Kimbo – Omega High
Garneau – It’s You
Kuthi Jin – Crawl (Le Dom Remix)
Kanye West ft. Travis Scott – Wash Us In The Blood
Waifer – Who Wants Waifers
DJ Sinclair – Bells (RPG Mix)
Vaccine – Wishful Thinking VIP
Pop Smoke ft. Lil Tjay – Mannequin
Lloyd SB – Princess Anna
Akira Akira – wramwramwram
Lexie – Have You Ever
Sarantis – Militant
Velaluna – Down
Photek – The Seven Samurai (Photek Remix)
Mzee wa Bwax – Mshamba wa Kideo
Don Omar ft. Wiso G – Quimica
Akito – Sliding Shadows
Sega Bodega – Sun Loop (Nahshi’s Kizomba Edit)

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