Untitled 909 Podcast 056: Suze


Bristol newcomer Suze takes the helm for the 56th mix.

Making waves in their local scene, Suze hosts a residency on 1020 Radio and has released several tracks and remixes on Yushh’s Pressure Dome imprint. Most recently, Suze contributed a killer remix on Delay Ground’s ‘Onomatopoeia’ EP which was released via PD earlier this month. As part of the next generation of artists coming through the tight-knit Bristol scene, Suze and the wider Pressure Dome crew continue to cement the city’s status as a focal part of the UK’s dance music web and its worldwide influence, following the footsteps of the likes of Batu, Shanti Celeste, Wisdom Teeth, Livity Sound, and many more.

Buy Delay Grounds – ‘Onomatopoeia’ here.

Yata DSP – Lies & Fiction
Dip Friso – Bad Apple
Muslimgauze – Uzi Mahmood 7
Lutto Lento – OBEAH
Hoshina Anniversary – Sagarifuji
Yssue – Downsampled Doesn’t Mean Dead
Gavsborg – Unexplainable Dog Hair In My Hair Oil
Mr. Mitch – Not Modular
Krikor – It’s (Not) House Riddim
Horon – Pantala
Clara! y Maoupa – Truenos (Instrumental)
Rainstick – Draco Beat
Floral Resources – Oil Panic
Mosca – This Branch Is Weak
Gilb’R – Le Zouk du Crepsule
Parris – Harajuku Girls
Benny iLL – Who, Me?
Superabundance – Antimatter Circus
Teakup – Lose My Mind
Klon Dump – Do The Dump

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