Untitled 909 Podcast 052: Eams

Vigorous percussive-driven mix from Mexican artist Eams.

Releasing his debut EP ‘Demode’ under the Eams alias on New York label Human Pitch earlier this summer, Edgar Mota first started producing in 2005. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Eams has been paving his way in Mexico’s left-field club scene as Fonobisa. Now with the Eams project, Edgar has introduced the DNA of Funk Carioca to his work with ‘Demode’ an exploration of experimental sound design. His productions may air on the side of simplicity, putting the focus on his rhythmic compositions and an incredible knack for design. However, this mix is wild, a full-throttle experience through a minefield of percussive-driven melodies, metallic textures, and some brilliant mind-melting moments. A dizzy journey through Eams’ soundscape including tracks from Ikonika, ZULI, Kode9, LSDXOXO, Fran G and DJ Lilofox.

‘Demode’ by Eams is out now via Human Pitch – buy here.

1. Lewis CanCut – Crassula
2. LSDXOXO – Dope dick dealer
3. Manuel Printzen – Club sandwich (Eams bootleg)
4. Neana – Push up
5. Ikonika – Manchego
6. HxdB & Self Evident – Hoof hearted
7. DJ Nigga Fox – Talanzele
8. DNZA & UNDRWGHT – Tribu
9. Fran G – Lagos
10. DJ Lilocox – Fronteiras
11. Sinjin Hawke – Don’t lose yourself to this (Jaymie Silk Edition)
12. Helix – Track titled 1
13. HEXORCISMOS – Flor blanca (Eams bootleg)
14. ZULI – Trigger finger
15. Color Plus – Tension banter
16. Joy Overmono – Bromley
17. Slaughter Mob – Fireweaver
18. Avernian & Strick – Dog Pound
19. Ckrono – Hebe
20. Nguzunguzu – Mirage (Girl Unit remix)
21. Breton/GirlUnit/AddisonGroove – Fuk tha RDI01 (Eams mashup)
22. Kode9 – Swarm
23. Disco Vumbi – Ukuti
24. Quest – Eden
25. Daedelus – Looking ocean (feat. Austin Peralta)
26. Marginal Men – MC’s Zaac & Jerry X Proxima – Granada Grunge
27. Terror Danjah – Piano madness
28. OL – IWM
29. Blacksea Não Maya – Flautista agressivo

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