We’ve previously featured Hoshina Anniversary around his brilliant EP ‘A Cid’ on Jack Dept. late last year. Since then, the Tokyo based artist has released on Youth, Safe Trip and more recently Musar Recordings with ‘Zangai’. His music often incorporates Japanese traditional music which Hoshina has coined as ‘Watechno’ – ‘Wa’ meaning Japanese. This is his core focus within his DJ sets but outside of the club setting, you will find him looking to jazz artists such as Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

Now providing a mix for our podcast series, Hoshina has created an outstanding contribution of mostly new material which highlights the depth of his productions going from ambient to 132bpm hypnotising melodies.

“The mix was recorded at my house, using only Logic Pro X, no CDJs or mixers. It features two Kanpai Versions of the last album on YOUTH and 12 new tracks, inspired by Japanese traditional music, culture and words. The concept is a Tribute To The Trilogy Tapes Tremendous Tracks (TTTTTTT), and the last 10 minutes: BPM132 tracks for Laurel Halo or someone,” Hoshina explains.

You can follow Hoshina on Soundcloud here.

1. Hoshina Anniversary – Kazamikiri 風見切り
2. Hoshina Anniversary – Maai (Kanpai Version) 間合い (乾杯)
3. Hoshina Anniversary – Hokorobi (kanpai Version) ほころび (乾杯)
4. Hoshina Anniversary – Honkomatsuishi 本小松石
5. Hoshina Anniversary – Buraikan 無頼漢
6. Hoshina Anniversary – Kodou 鼓動
7. Hoshina Anniversary – Shirabe 1 調べ 1
8. Hoshina Anniversary – MY CONVENIENCE STORE
9. Hoshina Anniversary – Dogu 土偶
10. Hoshina Anniversary – Okaya 岡谷
11. Hoshina Anniversary – Matsushima 松島
12. Hoshina Anniversary – Zoukei 1 造形 1
13. Hoshina Anniversary – Kamase Inu かませ犬
14. Hoshina Anniversary – For BL (Demo)

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