Untitled 909 Podcast 015: Oisin

Paving his way in the Dublin scene, Oisin has previously hosted a regular show on Dublin Digital Radio – spotlight some of his favourite labels – and has been booked for parties such as Bodytonic and at The Bernard Shaw. Now based in London, Oisin selections span across the board taking inspiration from early Chicago house records and post-punk/new wave alike.

Talking about the podcast, Oisin says, ‘haven’t put together a mix in time so really had a good think of what I wanted to do. I’ve always been an early Chicago house head, labels like TRAX & DJ International Records are what initially got me into electronic music. Similarly, I’m a lover of plenty of synth-driven genres such as Post Punk, Italo & New Wave – suppose from there I kinda landed on a New Beat mix, it really blends all these genres with a kinda dark, punky edge with fucking loads of attitude. Hope you enjoy as much as I did mixing it!’

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Artwork by Katrin Korfmann


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