Tracks of the Month, June 2017

This is an overview of the music that the 909 crew are feeling this month. Not focused on new releases, it serves as an insight to our musical journeys and the discoveries we make on the way.



Trance Wax – Trance Wax 6

Really digging all the stuff from the Tusk Wax label at the moment, and particularly its offshoot Trance Wax, which is home to some serious peak time euphoric carpet bombs. This is one off the new EP released last month, and also happens to be the only one on YouTube… Very minimalistic in its publicity and exterior, simply named Trance Wax 6 and made by a mysterious producer called Trance Wax (who I’m fairly sure is Ejeca but correct me if I’m wrong). Trance is slowly making its comeback and Trance Wax is slowly but surely doing his thing on the peripheries of the scene to push its resurgence. This song is formulaic in the sense that it is essentially the trance tune Jan Johnston – Skydive (I Feel Wonderful) with a big breakbeat stuck underneath it. However, the lack of  the cheesy 4×4 insists that you take the song more seriously, and the emotion and complexity of the trancey synth lines hit far harder. It is reminiscent of the old Bicep trick of putting a breakbeat on a 90’s rave tune, but it manages to sound way more organic than their stuff… maybe I’m just a bit weary of Bicep at the moment, but when you see the ‘unreleased bicep’ joke cracked for the 127484958th time you start to miss the days when they weren’t the juggernauts they are at the moment.



Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence 

Another new one for ya listening pleasure, this time from Nic Tasker’s wicked Whities label. Really enjoying what his label has been putting out recently; the scope and intelligence of the releases, as well as the amazing artwork is really impressive. He’s putting out the kinda songs I would want to release, the way I would want to release them! Pretty surprised I’m not cursing his name under the sun out of pure jealousy… but anyway, I digress. This is a sublime production by Lanark Artefax, it remains true to his UK roots and the beat is about as London as you can possibly sound. However, that hauntingly angelic synth line on the top is just divine and I am completely obsessed with it. Not quite Lobster Theremin-ey, yet not quite Giegling-ey, it’s really hard to pull off that kind of sound without ripping either one of those two labels off, but the boi has done it with some serious panache. I know Vladmir Ivkovic has been caning this recently, and that should be enough to convince you that this is the dogs bollocks… Huge tip and expect Dr. Blowfin to be using this in his laboratory very soon.



Zarate_Fix & DJ Sotofett – Planetary Involvement (Solar Mixxx) 

I was having a flick through the Sex Tags bits in Phonica recently and found this. I’d somehow missed this release before, probably cause it wasn’t released on Wania or Amfibia but I admit this isn’t much of an excuse. This was one of those ones where because you find it in a record shop it feels that little bit sweeter. The rest of the EP is a bit meh but this is laaaverelyyy (read that in your best Greg Wallace voice). Enchanting, relaxing and alluring; it is a proper trip and a great one to end the night with. Who knew Sotofett could do ethereal ambient?! Especially one tucked away on an EP with two percussive, tribally house numbers. We love our mutant dragon-slayer  and he should feel pleased with the fact that this is probably the best thing that Thug Records have ever released.



Jollymusic – Disco Disco

Found this in one of the best sets I’ve listened to in ages: man like Loud-E’s Selectors set. If you haven’t heard it, drop everything and check it instantly cause it’s bananas. This one especially caught my attention, as the synths really build towards a tremendous crescendo and the vocal is absolutely transcending, proper Massive Attack vibes. I love that the song pauses and comes back as a sort of different song, it’s undeniably weird but it’s brave af and I rate that. Can’t go wrong with a breakbeat added at the end either. I don’t think I’ve really described the song that well here but it just has that feeling, you know, that one which tugs on your heart strings a little bit and then makes you profess your adulation for whoever is standing next to you in the rave… and then it gets a bit awkward when you start planning that holiday that you should totally go on together in 9 months and then it gets all a bit weird and messy and… sorry, getting a bit too gonzo for my own good. I’ll stop.



Lama – Nineteen Ninety Three

Whereas the other songs here all all relatively new finds, this song is conversely one that I have known and loved for years, but have in recent times revisited it very frequently. Italo holds a very special place in my heart and I adore a cheesy synth as much as anyone, but I like this one because it is perhaps a tad more sophisticated and glamorous than most other offerings. It is unfortunately too often overlooked, as many instead turn to its flip side, the more brash and ostentatious Love is on the Rocks. However, I think that this is the real killer tune in that competition. I think the production is super tight, the vocal is pretty catchy and easy to remember, to the point where even my girlfriend half knows the words, although it helps that I belt the chorus out most mornings whilst getting ready. I love those simple, weirdo synth chords as well, really nice touch. Still sounding so fresh 34 years on. Italo will never die!!


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