The second release on the label is due 30th May. 

Making her mark with a live performance at Berlin Antonal in 2017, Nene H. is rising to quick success through distinctive and uncompromising club records. A background in acclaimed classical composition, SKIN002 highlights the dynamic within Nene H.’s releases with Eastern sample textures and psychedelic touches. 

SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin label was launched last year with the ‘Self-Will’ EP from VTSS which went on to be supported by Blawan, Héctor Oaks and I Hate Models. Read our interview with SPFDJ here. 

SKIN002 by Nene H. will be released on the 30th May via Intrepid Skin. 

Stream ‘How Do You Dare To’ below. 


A1. How Do You Dare To

A2. Let Someone Like Me

B1. Intoxicated With Love

B2. Enter Your House 

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