Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance – Lost In Trancelation


Berlin-based artist, label founder, and promoter Marlon Hoffstadt is back after the brilliant release of his debut album ‘Planet Love’. Exploring Trance and Eurodance both musically and also philosophically, ‘Planet Love’ felt perfectly timed as its joyous melodies and spoken proverbs such as “take care, give love, because only love will set you free” allowed for a moment of positivity and hope. 

Providing more good feelings, Marlon’s next release ‘Hands In The Air Eurodance’ is dedicated to all those hands-in-the-air moments we’re going to miss this summer, with the EP encouraging you to explore those moments in “your living room or under the shower” instead. Being released on the 29th May under the new moniker DJ Daddy Trance, the first single on the EP ‘Lost In Trancelation’ is a rich, colourful track with a dazzling melody and evocative synths. 

Hopefully, soon we’ll be reunited to savour these moments again <3

Pre-order here.

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