Premiere: Haider – Maracuja


Breaker Breaker label boss Haider makes his welcomed return with ‘Endless Clouds’ EP. Previously making his name through his achievements as a label owner, party promoter and discovering talent such as Ross From Friends and The Colours That Rise, it’s time for Haider to step to the forefront with his incredible sleek productions. 

Releasing the first EP under his own name in 2018 on Breaker Breaker, Haider made his debut on Aus Music last year with ‘10961’. Now with ‘Endless Clouds’, Haider continues to showcase his dynamic production ability, drawing inspiration for his surrounding environment. With his ever-evolving sound, the latest project spans across Miami bass, aquatic grooves of Drexicya, 90s house and luscious electro beats on today’s single ‘Maracuja’. 

‘Endless Clouds’ by Haider will be released on the 31st July via Breaker Breaker.



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