One of the most innovative festivals in the scene, MIRA, will be returning to Barcelona for its 8th edition on the 8th November. Packing out their line up with genre-defying and immersive performances from the likes of GAIKA, Amnesia Scanner, M.E.S.H, Objekt, Borusiade, Josey Rebelle, Varg and Avalon Emerson, the three day festival will host talks, workshops and Q&As alongside live shows and DJ sets. With the festival only a few weeks away now, MIRA’s music booker Pere Martí has pulled together a playlist inspired by the artists on the line up.

Three day passes are available from €70 and single day passes start at €20.

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Yves Tumor – Licking An Orchid ft. James K


Yves Tumor’s new album goes to another level, incorporating even new styles to his music concept.


Seefeel – Climatic Phase 3


This is the most interesting show from this edition in my opinion. Seefeel playing their legendary album “Quique”, a proto-IDM album from a post-shoegaze band.


Objekt – Secret Snake


PAN will release Objekt’s new album in November. Here’s the first single!


Christoph De Babylon – Expressure 


He mixed drones and breakbeat back in 1997. Now that his album is reissued it’s time to have him back to Barcelona, 10 years after his last performance.


Aïsha Devi – Light Luxury 


Her music is impressive but her shows even more. Emile Barret’s visuals mix perfectly with Aïsha’s music and enters you to their world in a higher state of consciousness.


Sueño De Hyparco – Rhodas 


El Sueño de Hyparco is a disolved new age Spanish band from the late 80s. They’re reuniting specially to play this show at MIRA.


DJ Stingray – The Strategy Of Tension 


Electro is more than back and checking Stingray’s DJ set at MIRA is the best way to discover it.


Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train 


Krautrock, new age, ambient, space music… Absolute pioneers.

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