As Ireland’s scene continues to grow, there’s an exciting wave of new artists coming from the country and making their mark across Europe – such as the success of artists like Bicep, Hammer, Saoirse, Or:a and Krystal Klear. One of those artists include Cromby who, has so far ticked off gigs at AVA Festival, Paranoma Bar, Boiler Room and The Warehouse Project as well as releasing a string of incredible original productions on Sulta Selects, Tenderpark and Extended Play. Now, he is the first artist to release on Denis Sulta’s sub-label Silver Service with ‘Futurola’ EP out this Friday. Featuring three club ready weapons, the EP highlights three different moods with the 80s-esque synth heavy ‘Fandango’ grabbing our attention. Ahead of the release, Cromby shares a tasty playlist of records that span across acid, old school Detroit and even a bit of electro from his motherland.


Apogeee – Sunrise On The Second Moon 


Couldn’t make a playlist without including a track from the maestro Dan Curtain, everything he puts his hand to is gold. I love the frantic drums and basslines weaving though each other before the pad comes back in to let you know everything is going to be ok.


Essit Muzique – Essit Muzique 


Prepare to immerse yourself in near 12 minutes of madness, essential acid from 1994!


Walt J – Love Is On My Side


This one has one of those heart wrenching old school house vocals where you can’t quite make out every word they’re saying but it hits you where it matters. Coupled with keys on this one it makes you feel all loved up on the dance floor, sweaty hugs all round.


Rhythm Is Rhythm – It Is What It Is 


Derrick May, don’t think I need to say much more. A lesson in proper Detroit techno.


Mystic Bill – Take Me Back


Love this one from Mystic Bill, made sure to include one from him as he’s one of the finest DJs i’ve witnessed. Check him if you get the opportunity.


Language – Breakdown Wo! 


Love this one smooth as you like, picked it up years ago on discogs for 50p only to see it had sky rocketed a few years later. Just been repressed recently, grab yourself a bargain.


Party Crashers – Work Your Ass


Bit of what I believe is British ghetto house (well at least one half of the duo) out on K-Hands label. Always a good fun dance floor workout with its flips and changes.


Cignol – No Reply From 806 


Bit of cross border Irish electro here with Galways Cignol teaming up with Belfasts Computer Controlled to take you to another dimension.

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