The Lowdown: ORBE

Following our Label Love Affair feature with Palinoia and founder Eric Cloutier, we spoke to ORBE, the latest artist to release on the label about the EP and how his relationship with Cloutier begun. Your next release is on Eric Cloutier’s Palinoia label, how did your relationship with Eric begin? After releasing my first album

Label Love Affair: Palinoia

A self-described ‘record digging psychopath’, Detroit-born Eric Cloutier launched Palinoia in 2016 with the aim of pushing through new talent. Palinoia is Greek for “the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfected or mastered”, stemming from Cloutier’s experience of receiving incredible tracks from unsigned artists with ‘mediocre mixdowns’ unsuitable for his high end

Gigi Masin releases new album ‘KITE’

Part of trio Gaussian Curve, Gigi Masin released a new album on Bandcamp. Titled ‘KITE’, the 7-track digital album came with a note from Gigi saying, ‘recently I have been thinking about what ‘a change’ means. Whether it’s a turning corner of keeping on walking straight down the road, or a ship adapting its course