Since 2008 Frankfurt native Monoloc has been releasing captivating, sleek productions on some of the most prominent techno imprints. Working with CLR, Innervisions, Soma, Dystopian and Afterlife, Monoloc, his seriously impressive discography includes the poignant, leftfield LP ‘The Untold Way’ and contributions to Innervisions’ and Afterlife’s respective famed compilation series. Where his creativity holds no bounds, Monoloc launched his label Unterland last month serving as a vehicle to step away from the club environment by presenting experimental and minimalist sonic interpretations. With each release aiming to tell a story through movie soundtracks and film music, the first EP is collaborative project with Beauty of Inconsequenz called ‘Storyline’. Around the concept of film music, we asked Monoloc to provide his top five soundtracks that have inspired him over the years. 

Thinking about my Top 5 movie sound tracks, the following ones come to my mind immediately. One part of it is from my early life, what reminds me on why this kind of music is attracting me so much. Looking back, these influences effecting me already since I am 5 years old. But film music is still just one part of what defines my label Unterland. To be open minded about other influences is really important to me and will definitely shape with the next releases.


With the theme music of the series Street Hawk I begin with a childhood memory. The sounds of the theme melody were lasting in my mind for a long time. That Synth-Sound from the 80s got something very futuristic and as a kid this really catched me.

When I was a Teenager, Alien 3 was just released in the cinemas and shortly afterwards available on VHS. As I wasn’t allowed to watch the movie (due to my age) I was watching it secretly when my parents rented out the movie - as it was usual back then. This arc of suspense left behind a mix of fascination and anxiety inside of me. For sure this somehow has been a basis for my taste of music today.

The theme song of Drive radiates an extreme coolness. Not at all the darkness like in the SciFi-genre, but a distanced casualness mixed with nice beats and dark 80s synths like it fits to the roll of Ryan Gosling. I positively noticed the movie's atmosphere because at the time I hadn't heard any good movie soundtracks for a while.

There is that Wave Scene in Interstellar. The open and apparently endless sea plus the threatening sound of a giant wave are accompanied by a dramatic sound. Through that it feels like the danger is been protracted.  Of course you need to imagine it via the cinemas speakers - otherwise the effect would hardly be noticeable.
Beyond The Black Rainbow

Before I actually knew about the movie Beyond The Black Rainbow, I first came across the soundtrack through a friend. The movie combined with the music is oppressive and for that reason especially it is very interesting to me.
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