The lead single ‘Underlight’ is available to stream now. 

To be released on Udo Wießmann’s HANDS imprint, ‘Reverse The Contrast’ is a display of industrial post-punk mayhem. Described in the press release as, “a bloodied dance floor with mosh pits galore, while others feel like an adrenaline-inducing Nintendo game full of fire, lava, monsters, and the like”, the album consists of EBM, industrial and noise influences. There’s one collaboration on the LP, on ‘Submission’, which features spoken words and vocals from Canadian producer, DJ and vocalist AADJA. 

Hailing from Canada, MDD became a live act in 2017, often performing alongside acts like Orphx, Ancient Methods and Perc. Last year, they released two 12” on SLAM and Inner Surface. 

‘Reverse The Contrast’ by MDD will be released on the 8th March via HANDS – pre-order here. 

Stream ‘Underlight’ below: 



01. Intro

02. Crushed

03. Underlight

04. Grind

05. Breath

06. Valium

07. Submission (feat. AADJA)

08. Second Injection

09. Transition Pull

10. Dives

11. Still Frame  

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