‘Contents Hidden’ is the debut album from Israeli duo Water Knives released in October last year. Truly showcasing their ‘petri dish’ of musical ideas, they bring together worlds of rock, avant-garde, free jazz, soundtracks, psychedelia and techno to create a sound that transports you to different musical eras as you flow through the seven tracks. A quote in their press release perfectly sums up the story of ‘Contents Hidden’, “If you look, you can find beneath the different layers, the moments when Boards of Canada were played in some dirty discotheque, the nights when Conny Plank the legendary producer fell asleep on his console while working on the sound of longing, the sunrises of Shpongle and the sunsets of Rival Consoles, the nights of James Murphy, and the moments that consciousness entirely forgot but swore it was present.” It was one of my favourite discoveries of 2018, an album I will be returning to often and leaves me excited to hear more from Water Knives.


Posted by:Chanel Kadir

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