No Spiritual Surrender (otherwise known as Jose ‘J.C.’ Cabrera and Kastil) have become leading figures in the Spanish techno scene. With J.C. running Cabrera Records and the innovative Mugako festival whilst Kastil runs his Stale imprint and has been supported by the likes of Marcel Dettmann, Dax J and DVS1. Between the two of them they have released on labels such as Tresor and Deeply Rooted and as No Spiritual Surrender the duo released their self-titled debut album last year. To follow up on the album, the pair will be returning to Cabrera for a four track EP filled with dancefloor weapons and an ambient curveball filled with radio samples. Ahead of the release date next week, No Spiritual Surrender give us a guide to some of their favourite artists coming out of their local scene.



She released one of the most interesting albums in 2017, “Weightless”, after a couple of EPs on the Italian label Mannequin. Also a resident of their parties in Berghain, she has developed a particular, varied and unique style djing around the world.



Selección Natural (Oscar, Juan, Héctor and Valentín) are not only the biggest techno pioneers in Spain, no one here has worked so hard and for as long as them, in techno music. With that experience and the unstoppable rise of their PoleGroup label, it’s no surprise that two of the most talented Spanish young artists like Kwartz (running his Order & Devotion and part of Horo) and P.E.A.R.L. (also running his imprint Falling Ethics) are part of their family now.


Damian Schwartz

He is hands down one of the best and most underrated producers in Spain. He has done also amazing work as label manager of A Harmless Deed and now, Equilibrio.




He released one of the most exciting techno albums in late 2017, his skills with modular synthesisers are otherworldly, and he plays an amazing improvised live set that lead him to play at Sonar festival this year with Cora Novoa. Furthermore, he is not restricted just to techno music right now, so he’s a name to watch without a doubt.


Hector Oaks

Not only under his real name but also as his Cadency and Spoiled Drama monikers, he is one of the most prolific young producers coming from Spain and living in Berlin for a long time already. He is also resident DJ at Bassiani and Herrensauna.




If you talk about techno and Spain, the next words that come to mind are Semantica and Svreca. He has been creating a huge legacy with his label, with a big focus on art and design on each refined release and is giving space to the best international and national music artists around. If you want a real musical journey, it will be hard to find someone that tells a better story inside a DJ booth.



She has been playing around forever, part of the Killekill crew since years. Also founder of the Discos Atónicos label and is now receiving the recognition she deserves. A super eclectic DJ, playing from techno to electro and all that is in the middle.



Spanish Leiras also based in Berlin, is running now his own label Ownlife, taking care of keeping powerful esthetics and uncompromising techno. His intense and diverse DJ sets and his live sets as well, are both a mark of his tremendous quality and dedication, breaking barriers between dancefloor functionality and emotions, as displayed in his recent album “A Prison Of Predictions”.



Dj F

Flavio has been djing in Madrid since the nineties. Co-owner of the best record shop in the city, La Palma 39, together with F-On, he’s also been releasing music for a long time on labels like Semántica or AHD. He’s now running his own imprint too, called Prayers of the Long Life.




Madrid born and now Berlin-based, Irazu is growing an excellent reputation with his latest records, taking the dark sides of techno to the next level with tracks that infuse tension and significant amounts of originality. He also released some intriguing ambient/electronic music, and his diverse club sets are something to keep an eye on. As an example, his mix for Jealous God is a must.


‘Ez Du Axola’ by No Spiritual Surrender will be released on the 19th November via Cabrera Records – pre-order here

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