Cutting his teeth with the From Another Mind crew, Stuttgart’s Silent-One has become known for his outstanding emotion-led and personal performances. Understanding music as art in its purest form, Silent-One creates an intimate setting even in the most immense buildings. This attitude flows into his productions and label, Intimate Silence. Launched in 2016, Silent-One’s imprint focuses on ambient sounds and over the years has homed productions from the likes of Glos, Dold and PVNV as well as his own. Tomorrow marks the release of the label’s first compilation where it teams together six alleviating cuts from Thomas Hessler, Kas:st, Pãr Grindvik, PVNV and Glos. Ahead of the release, Silent-One talks us through 10 of his favourite ambient records. 


Ben Frost – You, Me And The End Of Everything


For me, it’s one of the most emotional tracks I’ve ever heard! Every time I listen to it I fall into rigidity and I get overrun by feelings.


Abul Mogard – Half Light of Dawn


I remember it, as if it happened yesterday: it was at Atonal Festival 2017 when I was there to listen to the first live show of my close friend Shlømo as Shaun Baron Carvais. We looked at each other having goosebumps! We both said, “Now we can die.”


Deaf Center – New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)


I heard this song for the first time 5(?) years ago in a podcast. At this moment he wasn’t that famous yet. Now he is one of the key players in the techno scene – Rødhåd!


Avion & Thomas Hessler – Poetry & Form (Part 1)


This beautiful B side Track on Crossing, which is better known for rougher Tracks, Thomas Hessler and Carsten (AVION) teamed up for a low-key, emotional soundscape. Since a while Thomas and I are close friends, I asked him if he would be up for a release of one of his ambient tracks on my label’s upcoming VA EP. He is supporting me and my project since a while so he said “yes” without any hesitation.


Blindoldfreak (Alessandro Cortini) – Everything Ends Here


I think there is only one word for this beauty – Masterpiece! 


INTERNAZIONALE – Bells of Addiction


Posh Isolation never disappoints!


Carsten Nicolai – α (Alpha) Pulse


I saw his 4D audiovisual show α (alpha) pulse 2015 in Stuttgart. The performance and the synergy between the music, the lights and his sculpture “Polylit” from 2006 was incredible!


Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux – Mutant


R.I.P Mika! 


Dasha Rush – Ocean Shy 


Close your eyes and you will hear the Ocean! 9:24 Minutes of being in another place.


Varg – Forever 21/ Valium w/ Chloe Wise


Would you bleed if I cut you? Do you ever have to pee? Do you have ears? Do potted plants hear?


‘Traces’ by Various Artists will be released tomorrow via Intimate Silence – pre-order here.

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