Lord Pusswhip and Alfred Drexler are the producers behind the Icelandic project PSYCHOPLASMICS who, recently released their debut self-titled album. Known as pioneers in their local scene, the pair brings together hip-hop, IDM, trap and breakbeat to create scattered, chaotic sounds – think Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder crew. The rawness in their productions presents the true essence of Icelandic youth as they aim to change the perception of the music scene there. Lord Pusswhip has a reputation of one of the hottest names and recently scored the Adidas Originals NEIGHBORHOOD SS18 commercial whilst Drexler has come into his own with a distinctive style sporting a WW2-style gas mask.

Watch the video premiere of ‘Berlin Nights’ below:


With the variety of different styles showcased throughout the project, PSYCHOPLASMICS have pulled together a playlist of their influences.


Old school MTV bumpers/Liquid Television 


For the stop-motion sequences in the 107 RVK video as well as the wider aesthetic of the album, we were influenced by the old school look of old animation from MTV.


MGM dance musical sequences 


Another reference for the ‘107 RVK’ video, specifically the dance sequence, was the awkwardly engaging dance sequences in old MGM.


DJ Screw – Chapter 214: Old School


DJ Screw’s trippy experimentation was a big influence on the album’s material. This uncharacteristically non-rap mix he made is a favourite of ours.


Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On


While working on the first track on the album, ‘107 RVK’, we re-created the party recording in the intro to Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’. There was just the two of us though, so it was pretty funny trying to make it sound like there was an actual party going on.


Darkside Click – We So Corrupt


The lo-fi horrorcore rap scene in Memphis in the 90s was a big inspiration on the album’s sound.


Beavis and Butthead 


Beavis and Butthead describe our childhood very well. Our two biggest influences.


The Osmond Brothers – Gotta Get Love


One of our favourite tracks on the album is Dolphin’s Delight which was inspired by psychedelic rock and cheezy yacht rock. In that vein, Check out this B-side from none other than the Osmond brothers.


The Stretch And Bobbito show


Some of the vocal samples on the album are from rap freestyles we found scattered through the internet. A big influence was the classic Stretch and Bobbito radio show in New York.


Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy


Rave and dance music from the 90s were a big inspiration for the album. Here’s a classic…


Old Japanese Video Game Music


Old video game music from Japan, as well as 80s J-pop, influenced us on a few tracks, with its saccharine vibes



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