Starting their new project with an intense recording session in 2015, Canadian duo MDD have become of the most exciting acts in the industrial techno scene. Behind the alias is Measure Divide and Dolgener, who have respectively paved their way on labels such as Reloading Records, Nachtstorm Schallplatten, Brood Audio, Local Sound Network and Rez. In 2017, they launched their live act to great acclaim, performing alongside the likes of Orphx, Ancient Methods and Perc as well as releasing two 12” vinyl last year.

Their debut album ‘Reverse The Contrast’ is out this Friday on German label HANDS and is filled with their dark, dirty and intensely rhythmic flare. It’s a bold and adventurous collection of tracks that reflect the mood of today’s maddening world. For our next Influences edition, the pair talk us through some of their seminal records.



Emptyset – Awake


Controlled distortion. Always works to get things moving. 


Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Guiltless


One of those pristine Regis & Peter cuts that never gets old.


Jeff Mills – Berlin


Don’t leave home without it. 


Tool – Forty Six & 2 


From one of my favourite albums. Absolute aces! 


Orphx – Outcast 


One of my favourite ones from this Canadian duo – have rinsed this plenty.



12′ Anthology – Skinny Puppy – Assimilate


An industrial classic of raw beauty.


Ministry – Thieves


That guitar riff, the angst, its thrash ready.


Soft Ballet – Jail of Freedom (Jailtsli) Autechre Remix


The hard reverb cuts in the ominous pads, and the crazy down pitch tempo segment, brilliant- it’s Autechre no words.


Martial Canterel – Listener Dead


Some of the best cold wave, Great stuff to reflect to.


Uncto – It (Ancient Methods rmx)


The machine-like tribal beat, the warped haunting wail, def one of my favs.


‘Reverse The Contrast’ by MDD will be released this Friday via HANDS – pre-order here.

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