Hailing from Berlin, the mysterious label MASK has been pushing esoteric music by anonymous artists with their fourth release out today. Focusing on analogue sounds, the next EP titled ‘Hunter’ is a result of the first take of a live recording coming from a duo who have been playing together for over a decade. To coincide with the release, the unknown artists have selected 10 live jam records. 


Bratha – Space Boogie (ZAI 005)


I like this track because it´s a beautiful example of sampling and making a perfect balanced mashup with a melancholic touch that isn’t common in club music.


Bratha – the craziest come out (Restoration 019)


This track is a perfect example of innovative temporary crossover electronic music. Avant-garde in my opinion.


Milestones (Third Side Remix)


This live session is simply great. Minimal development, classic arrangement, abstract sounds, straight forward! Perfect tool.


The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me


Not really much to say about this beauty. State of the art in my opinion.


cv313 – Subtraktive (Deepchord Presents Echospace Live Mix)


I’m a huge dub techno fan. This is a great example that this genre doesn´t need much to attract attention and keep them ears busy.


DeepChord presents Echospace – Rippling (Live version)


Similar to the cv313 track, this one goes just so much deeper. Perfect for closed eyes moments on a dark and crowded dancefloor.


John Swing – Check it out (original mix) [B2-LJR005]


All time favourite in my record bag. Dancefloor banger!


Steevio – Llif



The development on this perfect after hour track is amazing. All those small things happening and also never losing the tension is simply amazing.


FJAAK ‎– Don’t Leave Me


This is such a bomb in a set. Wakes up even the people sitting on their asses besides the dancefloor! 100% moving asses.


NOAH EP – A2 (Video Edit – MASK 02)


How much does a track need to keep dancers busy and also being deep at the same time? less is more but if it gets less then this its not enough.


‘Hunter’ by Unknown is out now via Mask – buy here.

Posted by:Chanel Kadir

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