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A topic of conversation lately has been how isolation has changed our listening habits and how we’re moving towards music that uplifts and comforts us in times of extreme stress. And MagicFX’s debut release ‘Clarity’ does just that. It’s colourful, shimmering and bubbly, a wonderful first release from the London-based sound engineer, produced and trained jazz saxophonist. 

Talking about the EP, MagicFX (real name Dom Kirtley), says, “I’m really interested in texture/colour/aesthetic in dance music and tried to focus on that throughout the EP. My goal was to put together something that was light and colourful while being energetic and propulsive, with a lot of textural information to wash over you while listening.” 

Out now via record label and artist collective squareglass, Dom talks through some of his key influences. 


Amon Tobin – Esther’s


Amon Tobin was really my introduction to electronic music. Thanks to one amazing Splinter Cell soundtrack I was thrown to his whole alien sound world at quite an early age and it really blew my mind! Super hard to pick one track but I think this one sums up just how adventurous he is – the propulsion and tension are great.


FaltyDL – Stay I’m Changed

I really admire how refreshing and open FaltyDL’s tracks always sound – I picked this one in particular as I love how all the elements get space to breathe and gradually assemble themselves into a full track.


Taraval – Streetways

One of my favourite ever dance releases – the perfect balance of full-on club energy and squelchy weirdness! I’ve loved everything he’s released since but this is an iconic EP for me.


Avalon Emerson – Let Me Love & Steal


I think Avalon Emerson is such a tasteful producer and her tunes had a big impact on my recent writing. I picked this track as I really enjoy how crunchy and warm it is – it’s got so much weight to it!


Letherette – Warstones

I’ve always loved Letherette since downloading their BTS Radio mixes years ago and playing them to death. They’ve got such a diverse catalogue from hip-hop to ambient but never fail to pull off an amazing dance floor track. I love how awe-inspiring the big finish is for this one.


Oneohtrix Point Never – Along


OPN is probably top of the list of my all-time heroes. When this album came out it was like he’d discovered the future and Warp was letting us have a look. His music is such a pleasure to listen to and I come back to his albums time and time again. I chose this track in particular as it’s such a great journey as well as a real lesson in pacing and restraint.


Zenker Brothers – TSV WB


I think these guys are the coolest people in the world right now and I’m still surviving the Illian Tape night at FOLD! I picked this track as I love the murky but precise feel to all their releases and I think this one dials in just the right amount of melodic nostalgia which really clicked with me when I first heard it.


BEA1991 – Candid Breaks the Strain


BEA1991’s tracks are so much fun – her productions are a masterclass in chewing up a load of influences and ending up with something genuinely fresh. I love how subtle the underlying energy is in this track.


Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn


I was quite late to the party on Lanark Artefax and when I first heard this track it was like AI had assembled my dream production. It’s so cinematic and violent – definitely one to turn up and get overwhelmed by.


Clark – Pig


It was really hard to choose a single track from Clark but this one is too fun to overlook. I love the vocal/instrumental world his work sits in and really aspire to his level of diversity when it comes to releases. I still regularly listen to his RA Exchange when I need some artistic motivation!


‘Clarity’ by MagicFX is out now via squareglass – buy here.


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