Influences: Livio & Roby

Playing an integral part in the Romanian minimal scene, duo Livio & Roby have been pushing out music for over a decade. Filled with groove, their productions are a masterclass on the wonderful clicky sound that the Eastern European country has become renowned for with artists such as Raresh, Rhadoo, Praslea, Priku and festivals like Sunwaves all contributing to the status. With their sister project Premiesku, which sees them team up with George G, the trio often perform as a live outfit with hardware that has been customised and reconfigured for their own use. Kicking off 2019 with a new EP, ‘Ondul’, on their Tier imprint, Livio & Roby select 10 tracks that have influenced them over the years. 


St Germain – Alabama Blues (1965 Mix)


A classic Detroit sound that never gets old, this melange with the jazzy hooks of St. Germain makes it undoubtedly quintessential of the genre.


How Can I – Gemini


Very original touch of tripiness. It’s a track that somehow sends you to the after-hours. Fresh as it can be even now, this track is a timeless piece.


 Two Right Wrongans – System Error (Original Mix)


Beautifully crafted with pleasant warm chords rising. No wonder this special track will always trigger great memories.


Silverlining – Precision Spanner [Wrong ‎– Wrong 004]


A good example of a perfect funky groove. The blend with the chords makes it a memorable house track.


Choice – Acid Eiffel


Masterpiece, difficult to say more. It’s beyond time. One of the tracks that marked the teenage era.


Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea


Lots of memories from the early ’90s, coming from an era of ambient techno breaks! This is the debut single from the full length and enjoyable full album Accelerator.


Ricardo Villalobos – The Contempt (original mix)


Ricardo delivered this remarkable piece of wonder, one of his signature tracks that merge sub-genres. Always fresh!


Markus Nikolai – Passion [Perlon]


Here is one of the greatest Perlon artists, Markus Nikolay. He samples a very well-known bassline of all time into his remarkable EP. 1999 Germany minimal electronic funk.


Silvering – Precision Spanner


This is one to remember from UK tech house specialist Silverlining. Always nice to go back to this track and his dubbed out space design sounds.


Josh Wink – Don’t Laugh


Hypnotic, throbbing, diabolic…this is one of the greatest Josh Wink tracks that I heard on TV from listening to techno house music back in ‘90s. A serious sketch.


‘Ondul’ by Livio & Roby will be released this month via Tier – pre-order here.


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