Hailing from Tokyo, Hoshina Anniversary has been producing house and techno for the last five years, releasing on labels such as Turbo Recordings, Octopus Recordings and Boys Noize Records. Fusing elements of rock and pop into his productions, Hoshina is full of wonderful surprises and there’s no wonder why Volvox and John Barera have enlisted him for their first vinyl release on Jack Dept. Filled with four party ready tracks that span across acid, techno and electro, we delved into Hoshina’s earlier influences and discussed a genre that has been inspiring the mysterious producer since the early days of his musical journey. 


1.Donald Fagen – I.G.Y.


2.Chick Corea – Quartet No.3


3.Tribal Tech – Mango Prom


4.Miles Davis – Nefertiti


5.Weather Report – Punk Jazz


How do you feel these tracks have influenced your life and music? What makes these tracks so important to you? 

I always listened to these tracks when I was 18 or 19 years old, and I played the bass, copy some tracks. For Example, “Miles Davis – Nefertiti” Chord progression was so inspiring, I studied it. So sometimes use Chord Amaj7 (#11), I think when I use this chord, I’m inspired by Wayne Shorter or Andrew Hill. Anyway these tracks are like my blues… spirit.

Are there any special anecdotes behind these tracks that you would like to share? 

“Weather Report – Punk Jazz”, this bass solo is so so difficult, I don’t remember if I can play or not. When I bought Jazz Bass, soon I removed frets… of course inspired by Jaco. But soon I regretted fretless bass was  no good for slap so I bought another bass, Sadowsky NYC bass.

I feel that some of these records have romantic elements and Jazz can be quite a dramatic genre – do you often try to convey emotion through your productions? Is it easier for you to produce when there’s a story or emotion behind it? 

For these 5 years, my answer is “no”. Because Techno or house tracks I made 2012-2018, I thought they were not needed much emotion & chord progression.

No, it’s not easier… When I make tracks, at first I don’t think a story or emotion… just feel the sound, kick drums, snare drums, bass sound etc. But recently I make tracks with Japanese traditional instruments, so sometimes thinking about Japanese story or emotion.

Do you feel that Jazz has brought a different perspective to your productions? Do you think you would have approached your latest EP on Jack Dept differently if the genre wasn’t an important part of your life? 

Yes, I think so. I studied Chick Corea’s tracks so much, so when I make bassline etc, I make use my own Jazz experience.

At first, the genre isn’t an important part of my life so far. For example, I don’t know if Boys Noize is Techno or House or Electro. I think Boys Noize is just Boys Noize, I love his tracks. that’s all. I always think like this, so Chick Corea is just Chick Corea, his genre is “Chick Corea” not Jazz, I think. And about your question, I don’t know because my EP is not made only by myself. It doesn’t mean I have a ghost writer… hahaha, of course 100% Hoshina Anniversary!!! It means the label owner (this time Volvox & John Barera) chose my tracks (maybe I sent them 6 or 7 tracks). I think “Chose tracks” is very important as same as make tracks. So I think this EP is made by me, Volvox & John Barera. So thanks to Volvox & John Barera of course. If I approach differently, they will not accept my tracks maybe.  

If you had to describe Jazz with one word what would it be? 

Alfred Lion… maybe.

What are your thoughts on the new wave of artists that have been coming through in the scene lately, especially in the UK? Do you have any favourite artists in this new generation?

Yes, I love the new wave of artists, especially I love the label in Amsterdam. Interstellar Funk’s “Artificial Dance”, Young Marco’s “Safe Trip” & Mark van de Maat’s “Knekelhuis” and Elena Colombi is so cool.

About UK, Bass Clef is my recent favorite, but I don’t know if He’s the new wave of artists or not. Anyway recently I’m interested in his tracks on The Trilogy Tapes, very comfortable with rhythm loop and his label “Open Hand Real Flames”, some EPs are excellent, especially Motoko & Myers’s “Basis Key” is my favorite. I always check new releases of course, but recently the UK artist I listened most is Radiohead. I’m more inspired by “Kid A” album than 10 years ago.

Pre-order ‘A Cid’ by Hoshina Anniversary here

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