“Things fade into obscurity when a populous has no interest” – Meitei / 冥丁

For its second vinyl release, Métron Records returns to Japan to showcase Meitei’s debut full-length vinyl and first original material of the year. ‘Komachi’ is inspired by the recent passing of his beloved 99-year-old grandmother, a woman who he considered to be one of the last remaining people to have experience and understanding of traditional Japanese ambience. With this in mind, the music is driven by the need to cast a light on this era and aesthetic, what he calls “the lost Japanese mood”. 

The limited vinyl release is produced in collaboration with label and distributor Séance Centre and includes a special edition complete with a twelve-page booklet featuring a number of prints in the Ukiyo-e style, a traditional style of woodblock print that dates back to 17th century Japan. 

‘Komachi’ by Meitei will be released on the 15th March via Métron Records – pre-order here. 

Stream ‘Kawanabe Kyosai [Pt.II]’ below: 



1. Seto

2. Ike

3. Nami

4. Sento [Pt. II]

5. Kawanabe Kyosai [Pt. II]

6. Chouchin

7. Maboroshi

8. Sento [Pt. I]

9. Myo

10. Kawanabe Kyosai [Pt. I]

11. Shinkai

12. Utano

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