Well-respected Phonox resident and overall cool gal, HAAi has released her debut EP ‘DaDaDa’ on her newly-founded Coconut Beats imprint. Featuring two tracks, the EP draws from her early psychedelic rock band days and experiences travelling through India.

The A-side, ‘DaDaDa’ is a chunky track driven by a stomping bassline and is reflective of her tastes as it infuses world music influences.

Talking about ‘DaDaDa’ HAAi says, “DaDaDa was directly influenced by the south Indian art of konnakol, where the artist performs percussion vocally. I’m so grateful to be able to release this track on my own label Coconut Beats as I feel it really represents what the labels and parties are about”

Meanwhile, the B-side ‘E’ is a start of the night track with gradually building layers of synth arpeggios, echoing percussion and stomping drums.

HAAi began her career collecting African, Turkish and psychedelic records and has since become widely renowned for propulsive sets and eclectic sets that grace revellers every weekend at Phonox. Becoming The Black Madonna’s protege, you’ll be able to catch them playing back-to-back at Sunfall in August.

Listen to ‘DaDaDa’ and ‘E’ below.

Posted by:Chanel Kadir

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