Essentials: Livity Sound

Hailing from Bristol, a city that is home to bass music, Livity Sound was launched in 2011 by Peverelist and has built a reputation as one of the most regarded labels pushing out UK sounds. Avoiding pigeon-holing themselves to one genre, the Livity Sound back catalogue spans across a variety of different music focusing on textures and dynamic rhythms. From the latest hypnotic release Opal from Laurel Halo and Hodge, the label has pushed out records from the likes of Hodge, Bruce, Forest Drive West, Via Maris, Toma Kami, Facta, Simo Cell and Mosca to name a few. Not to mention the weighty In Deep mix from the head honcho and Pinch that explored the depths of dubstep, bass, breakbeat, jungle and more.

Ahead of the label’s fabric takeover this weekend, we’ve pulled together a tasty selection of their releases from the past 8 years. 



Livity Sound will be taking over Room 2 at fabric this weekend with Kowtown, Peverelist, Hodge and Danielle – buy tickets here.


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