Focused on collaboration, Deadbeat’s next LP ‘Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve’ sees the Canadian producer reach out to his friends for ‘messages of hope’.

To be released on the 27th April via his imprint BLKRTZ, the album is about ‘the notion of carrying on in the face of worldwide nonsense’. Friends around the world, including The Orb’s Thomas Fehlmann, Mike Shannon, Gudrun Gut and T. Raumschmiere, contributed ‘original prose, dialectic word games and timeless quotations in six languages’ with each track named after those who helped.

‘Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve’ by Deadbeat will be released on the 27th April via BLKRTZ

01. Martin
02. Steve And Fatima
03. Gudrun
04. Argenis And Cristobal
05. Chato And Avril
06. Hebatallah And Bashar
07. Thomas
08. Me And Marco
09. Momo And Yuzo
10. Laetitia
11. Mike And Judy

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