Untitled 909 Podcast 027: Chrissy


When we asked Chrissy to provide a mix for our series, there was no guessing to what it would sound like. Chrissy’s knowledge of music goes above and beyond what I could ever dream of having tapped into the world of house, ghettotech, footwork, jungle, hardcore, disco and more. He is credited for organising one of the first international tours for footwork dancers and founded the juke/footwork label Loose Squares. Through this mix, Chrissy looks back to those days, powering through an insane amount of tracks in one hour.

“I wanted to go back to my roots, and the juke/ghettotech scene I ran in back in the ’00s,” Chrissy says. “The DJ style in that world was always so distinctive: high BPMs, lots of sped-up records, a mix of new and old, a free-wheeling approach to genre, and really rapid-fire mixing, with a new track coming in every minute or two. It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly played out in this style, and it felt good to record a mix getting back into this vibe”

Find Chrissy on Bandcamp and Instagram

Tour dates:
1 September – Bay Area Disco (Oakland, California)
7 September – Red Light Radio (Amsterdam)
11 September – Carouse (Edinburgh)
13 September – Paloma (Berlin)
14 September – Camping (Oslo)
20 September – DSNT Culture Night (Belfast)
21 September – Buttons (Berlin)
24 September – NTS Radio (London)
28 September – Meat @ Dalston Superstore (London)

Binary Digit – Untitled 38490 [Zeitnot]
Erik Travis – Return of Voices [Databass]
DJ Debo – Whip Shake Ride [Dance Mania]
Alexander East – Hazy Shade of Love [The Nite Owl Diner]
Soundstudio – Track 440 [Sound Stream]
Jammin Gerald – Damn Girl Don’t Hurt Nobody [Dance Mania]
Chrissy – South Pacific State [Cool Ranch]
DJ Omega – Pop Dat (Chrissy Edit) [Databass]
Lauren Flax – (You Have To) Work [The Bunker]
Thompson & Lenoir – Work It To The Bone (Acappella) [House Jam]
DJ Funk – Work That MF [Dance Mania]
Juketastrafe – Work Baby [unreleased]
Bitch Ass Darius – Ride [Databass]
Skin On Skin – Ma Shootaz Got Shootaz [Steel City Dance Discs]
Terrence Parker – Alarm The Sound (Retro Groove Mix) [Abstract Theory]
Erotek – Jit Shit [Databass]
Project Pablo f. Better Person – All I Need [VMP]
Space Cube – Message Remix (Chrissy Edit) [Force Inc.]
X-313 – X-Tension [Generator]
Chrissy – U Can’t Stop [Chiwax]
Noise Factory – Set Me Free (Chrissy Edit) [3rd Party]
Coon Daddy & DJ Godfather – One Time On The Mic [Databass]
X-IIe – R U Ready [Direct Beat]
T’Baby feat. Big Ace – Body Hop (Oh My Goodness) [So So Def]
Cybotron – Cosmic Raindance [Fantasy]
Posatronix – Shake It [Direct Beat]
N.O.I.A. – Change Faster [Ersatz Audio]
Devo – The Super Thing [Warner Bros.]
MMM – Nois Sommes MMM [MMM]
Trak-O-Holik – Bam [Underground Construction]
Jack Master – Bang A Pella [Jack]
DJ Godfather – Bang Bang [Databass]
Chester – Beng [Juiced Productions]
Motto & Lyrikal – Lit [Fox Fuse]
Patrice Roberts – All As One [Fox Fuse]
Resistance D – Live At Mayday (Chrissy Edit) [Harthouse]
DJ Dagwood – It’s On Y’all [IHR]
DJ Bone – Black Patterns [Subject Detroit]
DJ Deeon – Shake That Ass (Chrissy Edit) [Databass]
Elecktroids – Remote Control Hornet [Warp]
AJ McGhee – Why You Lookin’ At Me (Hustle) [Thorn]
N.O.R.E. – Nothin’ (DJ Nehpets Remix) [unreleased]
Nark – My Mom Thinks We’re Dating (Chrissy Remix) [Nein]
Aux 88 – Lost In OUTER Space [Submerge]
Deko! – How Do You Like Your Cookies [Probe]
Manix – Oblivion (Chrissy Instrumental Edit) [Reinforced]
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Peace & Loveism [Suburban Base]
Annie Lennox – Little Bird (N-Joi Version) [Arista]
Stereolab – Ping Pong [Duophonic]

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