The compilation is a collection of unreleased tracks and versions. 

Selected and sequenced by Disciples, across the 18-tracks there are influences of jungle, IDM and ‘90s Nintendo games meet drill-like breaks, ambient drone and slabs of bit-crushed noise’. Showing an introspective side to the Bogdan sound, it is released at a time where rhythmic science and off-kilter artists such as Chrostph De Babalon, Demdike Stare and Rain Treanor are all experiencing success and resurgence. 

Rumoured to have been discovered by Aphex Twin whilst sleeping rough in Tokyo, Bodgan Raczynski arrived on the scene in 1999 with three albums released in quick succession on Rephlex Records. Bodgan has also collaborated with Björk and remixed Autechre for Warp’s ‘10+3’ compilation. 

Talking about his early experiences, Bodgan says, “In 1999, during a particular bus tour with Aphex, Squarepusher, Russell Haswell, Cylob, DMX Krew, Ovuca, and Wallace, I had a shitty, brown, wool coat. It must’ve fucking smelled like piss. Who the fuck wears wool on tour? But I was blissfully mired in some kind of lucid haze, conscious yet on autopilot. Like a pig in mud.

More mysteriously, they let me stay on the bus. I was Perce Blackborow, that Welsh sailor who stowed away on Shackleton’s failed attempt to reach the South Pole. Somehow, I’d blagged my way on board but fuck if I knew what I was doing or where I was going.

I do remember gigs and alcohol and going absolutely fucking mental on the energy steaming off of the dancefloor. It never got old. My existence was like some kind of extended out of body experience. To this day when the trifecta of early morning, cold blast of air as you exit the venue, and smoke enter my senses I temporarily exit, like rave PTSD.

There’s a popular trope in movies where a young somebody unearths a dusty, long-gone nobody. When some kind folks asked about doing this Disciples thing I was bemused. It is less to do with humility than a self-assessed impostor syndrome that I wonder how I’ve been able to squeeze my way in, again.”

‘Rave ‘Till You Cry’ by Bogdan Raczynski will be released on the 3rd April – pre-order here. 

Stream ‘134 32iii’ below. 



A1: 156 s2n
A2: 134 32iii
A3: 318 22t7
A4: 220 s3d
A5: 329 15h

B1: 220 s1c
B2: 307 33m15
B3: 332 23t422
B4: 309 14ae2
B5: 213 213r

C1: 220 s2c
C2: 356 34h12
C3: 306 24n812
C4: 306 41dr

D1: 210 31c22
D2: 220 s5d
D3: 355 44ir
D4: 204 fr

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