“Is the drum the successor of human sacrifice or does it still sound the command to kill?” Adorno, Motifs (1951)

Dark Entries is set to release the debut album from Taiwanese-American musician Bézier on the 12th March.

Titled ‘Parler Musique’, the 8-track album goes cross-genre with elements of punk, synthpop, jungle, new romantic, industrial and new wave featured throughout. Distributed across 4 sides, the double vinyl release will also include a postcard risograph-printed in fluorescent pink and dark blue with Dadaist text by Justin Aulis Long.

‘Parler Musique’ will be released on the 12th March via Dark Entries.


  1. Parler Musique
  2. Organisation Maritime
  3. Un Subalterne Insubordonné
  4. Téléconférence
  5. Myéline
  6. L’Ordre Cannibale
  7. Entr’acte
  8. Une Salade Oblongue

Stream a preview below:

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