Berghain resident Efdemin to release first solo project for Ostgut Ton, ‘New Atlantis’

Titled ‘New Atlantis’, it’s the fourth long player from Efdemin.

Released on the 15th February, the album marks the first solo release on German imprint Ostgut Ton – having been a resident at Berghain / Panorama Bar for over a decade – and follows on from his previous LPs on Dial.

Inspired by Francis Bacon’s 17th century novel with the same title, the album will see Efdemin bring together his dancefloor-orientated productions and art and experimental music projects such as 2017’s ‘Monophonie’ and 2018’s ‘Panama / Suez’ EP. The album also features a track co-written with 60s California art icon William T. Wiley and further appearances from his PINN band colleagues Nika Son, Joachim Schütz and PAN’s Konrad Sprenger.

To celebrate the release of ‘New Atlantis’, Efdemin will be hosting a launch party at Village Underground on the 15th March.

‘New Atlantis’ by Efdemin will be released on the 15th February via Ostgut Ton – pre-order here.

1. Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death
2. Good Winds
3. New Atlantis
4. At The Stranger’s House
5. A Land Unknown
6. Temple
7. Black Sun
8. The Sound House

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