‘Take Me With You’ is available now on cassette and digitally, with the vinyl release scheduled for January 2019.

Originally formed as a DJ mixtape for dedicated to friends and the after hours spent with them, ‘Take Me With You’ has since turned into a meditation filled with warm dub house and ambient-leaning tracks. The message of the album is “is undoubtedly about escapism, given away by its happy-abductee cover art done by the legend Biscuit— but first and foremost it reflects on that lingering feeling one gets when walking away from the ones they love” as noted in the press release. Commissioned by the Good Morning Tapes series, the album is Naples most personal work to date and will soon be available in a long-sleeve t-shirt format.

‘Take Me With You’ by Anthony Naples is available now as a limited run of cassettes via Good Morning Tapes, buy here and the digital version is available here

Stream a preview of the LP below:


1. Alto

2. Goodness

3. Drifter

4. Spiral

5. Tango 

6. 365

7. Shredder

8. El Portal Pt. II 

9. Love Loop To Fade

10. Worldwide

11. Things Will Never B Tha Same

12. Take Me With You

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