The album will land on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts on the 17th May. 

Debuting on the label in 2017 with ‘Enter The Fire’ EP, Alessandro Adriani will return to the label first with a four-track EP ‘Embryo’ on the 19th April before releasing the long-player in May. Over the course of the two releases, the Mannequin Records label boss explores the realms of ambient and techno, gravitating towards luscious sound design and leftfield-friendly sonic territories. 

‘Morphic Dreams’ is Adriani’s second album and first for Stroboscopic Artefacts. 

‘Embryo’ and ‘Morphic Dreams’ by Alessandro Adriani will be released on the 19th April and 17th May via Stroboscopic Artefacts. 

Stream ‘The Tropical Year’ below. 

‘Embryo’ Tracklist

A1 / 1. Elapsed Emptiness
A2 / 2. Symmetry
B1 / 3. Inverted Aspects (feat. Beau Wanzer) 

B2 / 4. Aria (New Beat Version) 

‘Morphic Dreams’ Tracklist

A1 / 1. The Tropical Year
A2 / 2. Raindance
A3 / 3. Storm Trees
B1 / 4. Dissolving Images
B2 / 5. Dust / Mist (feat. Simon Crab) B3 / 6. Casting The Runes 

C1 / 7. Hors De Combat
C2 / 8. Invisible Seekers (feat. Shawn O’Sullivan) C3 / 9. Crow
D1 / 10. Things About To Disappear
D2 / 11. Make Words Split And Crack 

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