Originally a podcast series, Métron Records is set to release the debut full-length vinyl release from Osaka based producer 7FO.

‘Moment (Selected Works 2012-2017)’ sees 7FO follow in the footsteps of ambient giants from the motherland and continues their illustrious heritage whilst offering something modern, fresh and beautifully rendered. He describes his sound as ‘gorgeous sustained tones and dreamlike oscillations that drift through the inorganic/electronic world reverberating through our subconscious creating sonic fables in our minds’.

The mysterious producer has previously released a cassette on RVNG International, and a 7’’ single on Bokeh Versions in 2017.

‘Moment (Selected Works 2012-2017)’ by 7FO will be released on the 13th April via Métron Records

A1: Ama ( ( (
A2: Moment
A3: MooN
A4: Hakko Suru Zero / 発酵するゼロ
B1: Ougon No Yuge / 黄金の湯気
B2: Fate

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